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Teaching objectives

『Junior College』
1、Hospital collaborate with the teaching does integrate classroom and clinical teaching, enhance the ability of student to implement the medical examination. 
2、With the province's teaching hospital , and it’s support in teaching, strengthen the teaching and practice of undergraduate. 
3、To encourage students to obtain medical technologist licenses to maintain the top passing rate among education system of TVE.

『Two yaer program』 
1、To enhance the liberal arts and humanities education curriculum in order to strengthen the professional ethics.
2、In medical technology enhance and strengthen the techniques in instrument operation, integration expertise and skills, English reading and computer application skills. 
3、Laboratory management and authentication capabilities to enhance medical laboratory quality control practices. 
4、Practical application of computer-enhanced medical examination certification and information management capabilities.
5、The international internship course could strengthen and broaden student’s vision. 

『Master program』 
1、Sound equipment, can provide peace of mind Master of Environmental Studies.
2、 Most teachers have a research program, which provides funding for graduate students experiment.
3、Hard work of teachers, and students can share weal and woe.