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Development of future

After graduating from junior college students get an associate degree, technical expertise and qualified to take the examination for medical laboratory technologist license. In addition to following employment pipeline: medical laboratory technologist pathology and medical technicians, medical laboratory quality control , commissioner of biotechnology, forensic examiners,medical and health-related professional technicians (such as dialysis room, obstetrics and gynecology), research hospitals and research department of biotechnology. In addition to employment, graduates can pursue a two-year bachelor's degree in Medical Technology and other related departments of Medicine of the University of correlation. The faculties in two special skill program, such as ultrasound and brain waves, so that the college graduates can broaden the field of employment, likes ultrasound technician and other medical-related sleep. In addition to doing jobs, graduates could continue their study in Graduates research institute in medical science, microbiology, molecular biology, biotechnology and abroad.